Founder at Ankawa Internacional

    Born in Cusco (Peru), I consumed books about faraway places and dreamed about leaving Peru. After attending San Francisco High School in Cusco, I moved to France to continue my studies in Law and International Law at the University of Strasbourg.


    Back in Peru, I organized and created the Ankawa Organization, the International Center for Applied Research on Governance, Development and Innovation, an innovative social transformation and startup project in the world.

    I'm passionate about working in empowerment and development worldwide, bringing together the academy, civil society, businesses, public institutions and the international community in order to boost human progress.


    I love to read poetry and novels, as well as I enjoy traveling throughout the world, learning from different cultures. I think this is the most interesting part of my job as president of Ankawa.


    My father is a left-leader politician in Peru and my mother is a women's rights defender lawyer. I have three brothers and one sister, all of them working and studying for the benefit of their society and families.


    Although, I move a lot because of my job, I really enjoy when I come back home in Cusco, one of the most beautiful cities in the Americas.


    "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes". Marcel Proust.



    France is more than a country for me, it is the place where I started understanding myself and the world. The place where great ideas inspired a young peruvian man and boosted his dreams. France is finally the place where I prepared myself for the challenges that I have undertaken so far.

    United States of America

    2013 - 2014

    I lived in Washington DC, working in a prestigious international organization understanding the social-economic and political environment of the Americas. As well as France, the US, completed and enhanced my the ideals, confirming my committment.


    2014 - onwards

    Upon my arrival to my homeland, I started organizing the different ideas and experiences I lived during all my stay abroad, and prepared myself to become more than a lawyer, a change maker.







    As a militant intellectual, I participate in national and international conferences and in the production of articles and research projects on issues related to human development, sustainable development, international law, human rights and governance. Most of them are published through my personal blog, partner's institutions and/or my personal website.


    As a recognition of my activities, I was awarded by the OCP Policy Center as one of the world's 50 Emerging Leaders during the Atlantic Dialogues in Marrakech, Morocco.






    As president of Ankawa, I'm basically running projects oriented towards the success of the social transformation programs of Ankawa Internacional. These programs are very diverse and prepared for different countries on the basis of south-south cooperation. Some of them are:

    Human Development and People's Empowerment Program in Haiti

    When I launched this project, many believed I was crazy because they considered that there is no solution for Haiti. However, I trully disagree with them and I think they are wrong. I consider that the appropiate empowerment of local initiatives and locally led through mutual learning and understanding, will transform haitian society. Thus, if I can do it in Haiti, I can do it anywhere.


    The project, based in Port-au-Prince, is run together with local, national and international institutions, in order to foster local social problems-solutions innovatives initiatives, in a economic sustainable basis, thus empowering haitian initiatives in the whole country.   


    Peace Building Program for Citizens Leaders in Peru

    Peru has a lot of problems, one them is that - historically - the social demands never met the capacities of local authorities to address these requirements, above all in the inland regions of Peru. This produce social violence. For this reason, I started this program as a capacity building for local leaders. This is an innovative peace keeping mission.


    The project, based in Cusco, run with local, national and international institutions, aims to train people from excluded region of southern Peru, in order to give them the appropiate tools for their efficient participation in public affairs and promotion of their economic initiatives.  

    Children's Educationnal and Innovation Program in Kenya

    The problem of lack of access to quality of education in Kenya is very diverse, but above all, I'm concerned about the impossiblity of children to attend, to understand, to be understood and to improve their knowledge, in particular if they are suffering of handicap. For this reason, I decided to launch this program to facilitate them this need using the state-of-the-art technology.


    The project, based in Nairobi, run with local, national and international institutions, aims to provide to children (in situation of social and ecnomic difficulties) in particular situated on inaccesible areas of the country, the possibility to attend school through technology.